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a member of the Tire Industry Association (USA) and The Kazakhstan Mining Club



Engineering Centre can provide a wide range of tire products depending on application and usage conditions:

  • Our team of specialists have decades of tire experience and can help you select the right tire.

  • We stock the tools and provide the training for correct fitting and performance analysis. 

  • We follow up our tire and wheel sales with technical advice and field support to help ensure that best performance is obtained.


RimPro quality wheels and rims are designed in Canada by experienced wheel makers. Solidly made using special metals for low temperature climates, these wheels are 100% quality checked during manufacturing and every wheel order comes with a steel batch quality certificate.

We have wheels for every vehicle operating in open pit and underground mines as well as agricultural and industrial applications.

Wheels & rims for Belaz, Caterpillar, Hitachi and Komatsu are in stock and a vast range from 8" to 63" tires seat diameter are readily available.


Engineering Centre is the dealer for AME tools and has contacts around the world to source all types of additional tools for tire & rim service workshops.

AME quality components are well known by prestige mining companies around the world. Engineering Centre staff can train, maintain and provide spare parts for these tools.


Industry leader in hot cure vulcanization repair equipment for tires & conveyor belts

Engineering Centre are authorized dealers for Monaflex Tire Repair Systems. Repair all OTR tires sizes safely, reliably and economically. Whether you buy and operate your own equipment, or outsource our repair services, you will get a great return on investment, saving money by making tires last longer and improving cost/km.


Engineering Centre are dealers for a unique Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for specialist applications.

We uniquely offer 'in-tire' sensors, external sensors or a mixture of both. Customizable packages can be implemented with a step by step approach from hand held readers right up to a full telemetry system.


We are the authorized distributor for one of the most innovative tools in recent times for the tire and wheel workshop. This tool raises operational safety to a new high level, removing many of the dangers associated with traditional manipulators. A must product for any tire workshop or warehouse. Specific attachments for safe handling of rims and components


We are the authorized distributor for Exactra products providing all the hard to find valve hardware  and accessories for wheel and tire maintenance. These small items protect your big assets to get best return on investment.

We only supply genuine parts, direct from the manufacturer - no fakes or imitations! 



This is the start of any project. It is a review and assessment of the current operating procedures and KPI's. This assessment looks at everything from inventory processes to workshop practices to performance analysis and final bottom line costs.

We provide complete recommendations and solutions along with advantages and potential savings - we call this the "the audit"

Maximize the value of your assets.

A variety of customized services are possible depending on specific requirements.

  • tire and rim management for all back-end work

  • tire and rim maintenance workshop work

  • product & tools maintenance and repair

  • fixed period audit and training follow-up

  • new workshop design and implementation





Capture all your data in one place. Use analysis features to instantly understand product performance and which provide the best value. Identify issues before it's too late and take timely decisions to offset potential loss of production.

Plan service and safety schedules in advance to optimize downtime. Instantly know inventory and plan modification ahead of the game.

Allows financial performance tracking of assets including CPK/CPH and total cost of ownership.


What are the correct methods to:

  • manage service procedures

  • decide when to rotate, repair, scrap

  • capture relevant data

  • make accurate analysis and conclusions

These questions and more are answered by Engineering Centre, we can provide the correct SOP's, tools and guidance to obtain safe and reliable working procedures to optimize product life and ROI.



Engineering Centre offers a full range of training programs, customizable to meet customer requirements and schedules. We include classroom, workshop and on-site training. We specialize in subjects relating to tire and wheel management, general knowledge, performance management, workshop practices and reporting procedures. We are able to target all levels of responsibility depending on job function

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